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  • AEG -Colt M4 Airline...

    199,90 €

    Huom. Tämä kappale on esittelykäytössä. Mikäli haluat ostaa käytetyn ota yhteys ennen tilausta. Uusia saamme tilaamalla noin parissa viikossa.

    Originally, the Colt M4 is a military rifle designed in the United States and put into service in the U.S. Special Forces from 1994 and now tends to replace the M16 from which it is derived in all U.S. combat units.

    The M4 Airline Mod B in its Full Metal version is an airsoft replica with a futuristic handguard designed in aluminum to lighten the replica. Thus, despite its imposing size it remains manageable and will adapt to all environments, CQB or forest.

    Find out more about the features of our replica below!

  • AEG -Colt M4 Nylon...

    129,90 €

    This replica is made of nylon fiber, adding to its lightness.

    The internal elements include a gearbox with a few interesting elements, such as steel teeth pistons and ball bearings for the gears. This replica shoots at a force of 1.2J and is delivered with a high capacity magazine holding up to 300 pellets, a 8.4V NiMH battery and its charger.

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    AEG N SCAR Black 1,3 J

    189,00 €

    N SCAR Black AEG Full ABS Battery& charger 450BB's E=1,3J. Max /C3

    This FN SCAR-L replica is entirely made of ABS, conciliating lightness and durability. This rifle bears all official FN Herstal markings, while its multiple Picatinny rails enable the attachment of accessories such as lamps, sights or PEQ boxes. The replica's stock is adjustable and foldable. This replica is delivered with a high capacity magazine holding up to 450 pellets, a 8.4V NiMH battery and its charger.

  • G&G AEG Rifle ARP556 V2S

    336,50 €

    Näpsäkkä CQB käyttöön ja miksei myös pidemmillekkin matkoille tai vara-aseeksi.

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  • G&G AEG Rifle Firehawk

    237,50 €

    Muzzle Energy 1.1 J

    Mass Weight 2260 gram

    Magazine Capacity 300

    Factory Speed 350 fps

    Power Source AEG

    Colour True Black

    Material Steel, Polymer

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  • G&G AEG Rifle SMG ARP9...

    282,50 €

    CQB taistelian oiva työkalu

    • Muzzle Energy 1.1 J
    • Mass Weight 2000 gram
    • Magazine Capacity 300
    • Factory Speed 350 fps
    • Power Source AEG
    • Colour TrueBlack
    • Material Polymer, Aluminium
  • G&G AEG Rifle CM16 Raider

    197,50 €

    Saatavana kahdella eri piipunmitalla L-versio 124mm pidempi.

    • Muzzle Energy1.1 J
    • Mass Weight 2012 / L-verison 2065 gram
    • Factory Speed350 fps
    • Magazine Capacity450
    • Power SourceAEG
    • Colour Black
    • Material Steel, Polymer
  • 3329 Pistol Replica

    89,90 €

    Blow Back Yes

    Product weight [g] 875

    Drive / power supply Gas

    Material Metal,Plastic

    Muzzle velocity [FPS] 300

    Fire mode Semi-auto

    Hop-Up Yes

    Length minimal [mm]  220

    Magazine capacity [pcs.]20

    Magazine type low-cap

  • AAP01 Assassin Full...

    146,65 €


    - light body made of polymer reinforced with glass fiber

    - Blow-Back system

    - compatibility with magazines intended for Glock pistol replicas

    - comfortable Hop-Up adjustment knob

    - 14 mm CCW thread enabling the attachment of a silencer

    - double-sided slide release button

    - double safety: trigger safety + a switch

    - fixed iron sights with fiber optic

    - ability to switch the side of the magazine release button from left to right and vice versa

    - fire mode selector plate Full Auto / Semi Auto

  • SA-E22 EDGE™ Carbine...

    340,95 €

    Material: ZnAl + steel + polymer

    Length: 800-880mm

    Weight: 2645g

    Color: Black

    Muzzle Velocity: ~380 / ~310 FPS

    Built-in MOSFET GATE X-ASR™

    Manufacturer: Specna Arms

    Product code: SPE-01-030745

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    SA-249 PARA EDGE™...

    564,85 €

    ...Ja porukka lakoaa

    Brand: Specna Arms

    color: Black

    weight [g]: 6270

    made from: Metal, Plastic

    muzzle velocity [FPS]: 400

    Product code: SPE-01-032948

  • RRA & SI SA-E17-L...

    266,41 €

    Battery included  No

    Bearings diameter [mm] 8

    Blow Back No

    Colour Black

    Product length [cm] 68

    Product weight [g] 2450

    Drive / power supply Electric

    Material Aluminum/Metal/Plastic

    Muzzle velocity [FPS] 370

    Fire mode Full-auto / Semi-auto

    Gearbox version Gearbox v2

    Hop-Up Yes

    Inner barrel length [mm]. 235

    Length minimal [mm] 68

    Magazine capacity [pcs.] 150

    MOSFET Yes

    SA series EDGE™

    Quick Spring Change system Yes

    Type of plug DEANS / T-connect

    Type of thread on the barrel 14mm CCW