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  • Low-Cap 28 BB Gas...

    25,50 €

    Hi-Capa kaasulipas

  • WE Galaxy Pistol Replica

    129,95 €

    This unique replica manufactured by the well-known Taiwanese replica manufacturer WE was made largely out of metal and also high-quality polymer.

    The pistol does not have a real life counterpart, but that's not important. What’s important is that the manufacturer focused on creating a universal replica that will satisfy airosft games in the forest, CQB or speedsoft. 

  • G18C Gen. 3 pistol...

    131,50 €

    The WE-G18C Gen. 3 pistol replica is one of the versions of the well worldwide known Austrian pistol. Thanks to the comfortable pistol grip that is equipped with a anti-skid coating the replica lies perfectly in the hand while the specially profiled trigger guard guarantees a sure grip during operating the pistol. Just like in the real firearm, the iron aiming sights are well visible and marked in the way allowing to fire in low light conditions. In contrary to most of the models available on the market this one is equipped with a safety lever placed in the trigger.