Chrony Swiss Arms

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Toimii 4x1,5v aaa-paristo tai micro-usb (esim powerbank)

The Swiss Arms chronograph is a precise and versatile tool. Thanks to its adjustable infrared sensor, it will adapt to all situations without any problem. It has an intuitive interface with an OLED screen and thanks to its tripod you can use it anywhere. This chronograph allows you to test replicas with calibres ranging from 4.5 mm to 18 mm. The power supply is done with 4 AAA batteries (not included) or by micro-USB (cable included). A versatile chronograph that will never let you down!

Viimeiset tuotteet varastossa

- Intuitive interface with 128x64 OLED display

- Auto calculate MAX, MIN, AVG speed, energy and joules/cm2

- The extra-large caliber of 36 mm for different ammo from 4,5 to 18 mm.

- Six ammo parameters can be stored for quick select in the F1 interface

- 99 testing data can be stored for analyzing the airsoft performance

- Tripod mounting hole an a mini tripod included Auto-power off function while idled for some time or battery is low

- Powered by 4 x AAA ( batteries not included) or micro USB ( no battery charge function)

- Companion software for firmware upgrade & testing data view

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