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  • Mosfet Gate MERF 3.2 unit

    61,20 €

    Päivitä pyssysy uudelle levelille.

    Dimensions : 70x19x10mm

    Designed for: the AEG replicas

    The set includes

    - the MOSFET unit,

    - wiring,

    - 4 x thermo-shrinkable insulation,

    - set of T-Connect plugs,

    - programming button,

    Manufacturer : Gate

    Product code: GAT-08-004445

  • T-Deans Connector...

    2,50 €

    A complete T-Deans connector intended for installation in AEG electric replicas.

    The set includes a female and male connector as well as heat-shrink tubings allowing for securing of connectors.

  • Low Resistance 2x60cm...

    6,00 €

    High-quality 60 cm wiring in red and black colors.

    The set includes also two motor connectors and two heat-shrink tubings.