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  • Green Gas 22 BB...

    44,85 €

    Purpose: Action Army AAP01 replicas

    Capacity: 22 BBs

    Weight: 240 g

    Color: Black

    Power Source: Green Gas

    Manufacturer: Action Army

  • AAP01 Assassin Full...

    125,85 €


    - light body made of polymer reinforced with glass fiber

    - Blow-Back system

    - compatibility with magazines intended for Glock pistol replicas

    - comfortable Hop-Up adjustment knob

    - 14 mm CCW thread enabling the attachment of a silencer

    - double-sided slide release button

    - double safety: trigger safety + a switch

    - fixed iron sights with fiber optic

    - ability to switch the side of the magazine release button from left to right and vice versa

    - fire mode selector plate Full Auto / Semi Auto

    - Color: Black or Dark Earth (tan)