Valken Armband -hihanauha

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Whether at a paintball tournament where teams need to be separated and scores tallied, or at a big game where brigade, team or other affiliation needs to be displayed, a high quality armband is a useful way to display the colors! Valken paintball armbands are a step better than the rest, providing a 3x3 hook and loop area for patches to be worn, allowing any player, team or unit to quickly and easily display their affiliation, or even a morale patch with ease! Paintball armbands for patches are a simple and comfortable way for any player to easily identify other players on the same squad from a distance, and allow paintball referees to track eliminated and live players after a tournament game!

Valken high quality colored armbands are also ideal for school events like field days or any team event like flag football where teams need to be identified or players need a quick an easy way to show whether they're still part of the action, or the play is over!

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