Field Blaster 50cal

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50cal jousitoiminen pumppuhaulikko kuulasäiliöllä.

50cal vähemmän "sotkua" pienempi iskuteho. 

Jousitoiminen ei tarvitse muuta kuin pallot sisään ja pelaamaan.

Muista käyttää aina maskia suojaamaan silmät ja kasvot.



FIELD BLASTER .50 CAL Paintball shotgun

Loader included: 100 .50 cal Paintballs capacity

The BLASTER is the evolution of spring powered .50 cal Paintball markers from FIELD PAINTBALL. It was designed for easier maintenance, greater resistance, plus improved operation and player experience.

No Compressed Air or Co2 Required.

Recommended Age: 8+

130 FPS with .50 cal Paintballs.


- All parts sold separately.

- Easy maintenance and cleaning.

- Parts do not fly out when Blaster is disassembled.


- Handguard and Receiver reinforced with more ribs. Made of ABD + Fibre.

All internals made of more durable Nylon Fibre.

- Stronger Loader; made thicker with improved materials.

- Improved breach seal; more airtight.


- Very low profile even with loader on. More compact storage, easier to transport.


- Easy fill Loader. No elbow required. Strong picatinny style fitting

- Vertical loading. Easy loader assembly. Anti-ball jam design.

- Longer spring. Easy pump pull for all ages.

- New Hop-up provides improved range and trajectory.

- Barrel made from Nylon Fibre. Improved balance & weight distribution.

- Ergonomic design. High Performance. Robust and comfortable to use.

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