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Goggle fan Habervision Eliminator

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Huurtuuko maskisi kun hikoilet?

Tässäpä olis ilmanvaihtoa tarjolla ja vieläpä automatic!

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Automated No-fog Fan Technology, for your goggle. A self-contained, fully automatic, humidity control module that converts most goggle brands into a fan goggle in minutes, at a price you can afford.

The Eliminator- Banish fog problems forever with this unique device. Install it in your goggle, place the selector switch on automatic and forget about it. When humidity rises inside the goggle, a sensor activates a fan and the warm moist air is evacuated. When humidity returns to acceptable levels, the fan turns off.

It's completely automatic. Removable and transferable so you're free to move it from goggle to goggle. The Eliminator will solve your fog problem.


  • Universal Goggle Fan
  • On/Off/Auto settings
  • Includes one AAA battery and instructions.
  • Doesn't dry your eyes out or restrict vision

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