Carmatech Engineering Supremacy

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Värikuulapelaamiseen (FSR) optimoitu laadukas kiikaritähtäin.

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Carmatech Engineering Supremacy, black

The Supremacy scope from Carmatech is the ultimate in scopes, specially designed for use with First Strike Paintballs.

With the help of the scale which is shown in the sight, determining the distance to the target and target acquisition is very fast and extremely simple, even in hectic situations. This scale is divided into two FPS ranges (280 FPS and 300 FPS). If you play with 280 FPS you use the left scale, with 300 FPS you use the right scale.

In addition, several target circles of different sizes are shown on the scale. To aim, you compare the head of the target with the target circles. If the head fits into one of the circles, you are almost guaranteed to hit your target with the next shot.

You can estimate the approximate distance to the target using the two numbers next to the target circles. The left number shows you the distance (in yards) to the target if you use an optimizer speed dial. If you do not use an optimizer speed dial, you orientate yourself by the right number.

Thanks to the large lens of the scope, a reticle with a mask is no problem. With a rotary knob, you can vary between red and green and set 3 different brightness levels. In addition, the scope has up to 6x magnification. The included Killflash protects the lens from hits and prevents sunlight from being reflected.


- up to 6x magnification

- Per knob, the reticle is selectable between red and green

- 3 different brightness levels

- Killflash protects the lens and prevents the reflection of sunlight.

- lens cover to protect against impact and lens scratches

- Anodized metal housing

- compatible with Picatinny rails

- battery: CR2032 3V Lithium button cell (included in delivery)


-No guarantee against breakage by paintball hits

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